May 30, 2011

manic monday.

 hey all you manics!
can i start off by saying that i LOVE christina ricci. 
i love her the most in the addams family (1&2!) and it just goes from there.

oh! and how do you like the new DOJ header? ...i get bored with things so fast so im excited to be doing small face lift changes here and there on the DOJ for summer!

here's some more celeb photos i'm manic for... 
 clint eastwood.... i mean seriously??? 

 lisa bonet = LOVE her... i wanted to dress like her back in the cosby days.

 love this young photo of angelica houston!

 Kennedys... BEST!


 cute twiggy. cute freckles.

 dapper pharrell.

 oh my olsen... i LOVE this look!

i heart sweet marilyn!

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